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 with TekswiftNG

As a developing and growing business, ProjectTHISNG has come to realise that solid IT hardware and a Support is essential for continued survival and business.  We also came to the realisation that in the 21st Century having a Telecoms system that grows with you and cut cost is also something that is essential.


We came to realise as we searched for options that getting basic care and support is not that simple, and so we reached a solution. ProjectTHISNG was set up as a Tabletop Hub, as as a hub we both connect to people and are so connected. So we connected up. We partnered with someone, TekswiftNG.

With this collaboration, Tekswift came to realise that they too could develop and grow, both in what they offered and expanding out. So they have become TekswiftNG. 0115 824 1000. Whats great is TekswiftNG understands the both the Tabletop Industry (Having worked in the field) and IT. They also get that the IT services you need now will be very different to those that are required by you in a year and the years to come. Therefore they are conscious of your needs and the concept of developed scalability. A small company that is looking at expanding into diversification may think a single phone number is fine and it is, but unless you have someone who can sit on it and transfer  the connection comes a mess quickly and makes you look small and unprofessional. However with VoIP you can quickly navigate this with separate numbers at a cheaper cost allowing you to have dedicated virtual lines. So providing a smoother customer experience. The same applies to multiple email address providing a smother customer experience, and even in store sales consoles.

So sales pitch, TekswiftNG provides both services and IT packages with geared support, sensible IT recommendations and structured mentorship for your growing businesses. Regardless of the IT Area. We are here to help you grow and provide you with a safe, reliable and secure IT Services”


In English for the non-tech minded TekswiftNG is a ‘one stop shop’ for almost everything you need that’s IT related. From Day to day IT, 24×7 remote monitoring Support, VoIP, Telephone and remote support, GDPR, Social Media, Tech updates, repairs and solutions store and front of house console sales, Cyber Security, Endpoint Management, IT Audits, Basic IT, Projects, etc. But not just that we cover a lot.

Still not sure what you need or cannot see it then time to get in touch.