ProjectTHISNG while providing a Multi user multi space flexible rental facility (See facilities) also offers a range of services that are designed around the Tabletop gaming Industry and those both already established and those looking to enter the industry with a range of services to help you get going.

Your success is our business.

Discover how our wide range of professional services can help you save time, reach your goals,
unlock your potential and support your small business to growth and success.



The services we currently offer are:

  • Playtesting Services 
  • Tabletop Games Website Development
  • Video production –
    •   Unboxing
    •   Game Play
    • Advertising
  • Graphic design consultation, and review
  • Gaming Courses
    • Scenery & Terrain Making Workshop
    • Game design
    • Model Conversions and alterations
  • Tabletop Games Fixers
  • IT and VoIP Services
    • Set-up and expansion
    • VoIP telecoms Services
  • Tabletop Gaming Convention and Expo Organisation