Playtesting Space


Have you designed a game and want to improve it with feedback from the gaming public yet are under strict NDA’s or other security considerations.

ProjectTHISNG is not only a gaming and industry Incubator space, we also offer facilities for room hire and private playtesting. We understand that they are not only serious endeavours but also need to be fun, insightful, and productive for the game developer. It’s always disappointing, frustrating, and uncomfortable, or even worse when playtesting is simply a waste of time. With the best games still yet to be made, we need to ensure that prototypes are getting solid testing and productive feedback in a secure facility.


Bring any and all games, prototypes, or early-stage ideas to ProjectTHISNG’s facilities and book the room, we look to organise playtesters, and match you up.


We are looking to expand this facility so that Game Developers can have a unique set of options like be onsite and watch the games being played, can watch via a video link the game being played (often from a nearby pub 😉 ) or you can have the experience digitally recorded both audio and video and then saved to the cloud for you to download and view at your leisure.


Need playtesters, and who are the Playtesting players?

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