Modular Space

Modular Space

If you’re looking for a fun, private alternative venue for a gaming event, Roleplay space then ProjectTHISNG might just have the answer!

You can book a private space at the ProjectTHISNG for groups of upto 8 people or more. We have a great function room, and includes a disabled toilet and small Kitchenette. Its a nice little space which can be reserved for smaller groups, and whole off site venue bookings can be arranged for larger numbers. (We have links to other businesses and event sites that are great for larger events.)

Modular Space

ProjectTHISNG space is a modular one, we have units that can me moved around to create specific spaces, grouped Gaming tables, separate gaming tables, long strips suitable for painting, Airbrushing set ups, 6×4′ Wargaming table, etc

Buffet catering is available on request (we need at least 12 days, as we have contacts to the food industry) and, or if you have something else in mind please ask – we’re open to ideas and will do our best to accommodate.

Gaming Space

Bring any and all games, Skirmish, Board Games, Cardgames, Role Play Games (RPGs) to ProjectTHISNG’s facilities and book the room.

Then just turn up with friends crack out the games, make a drink and get going.

Our games library includes a wide variety of games including options for very large player counts, and our staff are always available to help you through initially if you need help as we can provide someone on site on hand to help with the rules and help ensure things run smoothly. (See prices)

Playtesting Space

Playtesting, Have you designed a game and want to improve it with feedback from the gaming public yet are under strict NDA’s or other security considerations. We are looking to expand this facility so that Game Developers can have a unique set of options like be onsite and watch the games being played, can watch via a video link the game being played (often from a nearby pub 😉 ) or you can have the experience digitally recorded both audio and video and then saved to the cloud for you to download and view at your leisure.

We are looking to expand this facility so that Gamers can also look to create interesting online content with recording games and making gaming tutorials. This allows others to watch the games being played, and content creators have the experience of obtaining digitally recorded games both audio and video and then saved to the cloud for you to download and view and access at your leisure.

We are also looking to expand the system to allow for RPG GM’s and other gamers to have ambient music and sound effects available