Blogging & VBlogging Facilities – COMING SOON

Blogging & VBlogging Facilities


ProjectTHISNG has a wide range of facilities in Nottingham. Mostly offered as dry-hire spaces, these facilities are the perfect solution for content producers, artists, gaming bloggers, and Game content creators looking for their own private long-term Nottingham Blogging recording studio space to create with great gear normally out of costs of many to  their own gear.Blogging facility

Our Production format studio is situated in the Creative Quarter and come included with specialist recording equipment and PC, (Though the set-up also works with customer laptops and Mac’s) we can also provide video equipment, and editing software (PC.)


Video and Sound Desks

We make use of high quality Production cameras, so you can be sure that your videos will be clear and beautiful.

Our video and photography facilities at ProjectTHISNG result in intimate, high quality content materials for your Tabletop gaming products. You’re rightly proud of your work and you want your existing fans and potential new ones both on the Social media sites and and industry professionals to hear it.


The room comes with existing facilities and services, including a disabled Toilet and kitchenette. The studio comes with an option to have some equipment included, though we price booking accordingly. The room is semi-soundproofed, 24 hour access and exclusive access to all the facilities allowing clients to work in an entirely self-contained space.