An Tabletop Industry Highly Inclusive, Creative Space

We at ProjectTHISNG understand that with working from home means you’re too close to everyday distractions from the TV, family, kitchen pots in the sink and pets, yet need to be able to work in a place that offers resources and facilities that support your project and development as you grow. We get that while on the starting steps you are not ready for a rented office space, yet need to be away from the home office. ProjectTHISNG allows you to rent use an inexpensive, City Centre – Creative Quarter space as and when you need it, with great thought out facilities we offer resource’s for flexible work. Inside render image of the Site

ProjectTHISNG offers a host of Facilities for the customer to make use of.

  • Can book private use of the venue
  • Not restricted in the time a game will take by opening hours
  • Not restricted in the use of a particular company’s games or miniatures or the state of them. It’s your hobby do it your way.
  • Can book unsociable hours of use (beyond normal retail store/board gaming cafe opening) to match your work/play/hobby schedule.
  • Equipment that your personal budget may not stretch to that is fully serviced.
  • A way to monetise your hobby if you wish by ‘Youtubing etc.’ Producing your own games/minis/accessories and retailing them through the venue, miniature painting services or running your own events.

These include: both physical serviced facilities.

Birds eye view of the site

  • Fully accessible gender neutral disabled Toilet
  • Basic Kitchenette
  • Virtual Office space with mailbox
  • Modular options to alter space
  • Free WiFi
  • Meeting space
  • Playtesting Space
  • Filming Space
  • Gaming Space
  • Pop-Up Office
  • Game Store



  1. Bring your food and drinks or see the range of snacks we offer.
  2. The cleaning and set-up fee can be waived for repeat clients who are able to do their own cleaning and set-up within half an hour of their booked slot.
  3. You can look to providing your own alcohol for your private event: reduce your overheads!