What we’re about

ProjectTHISNG is possibly the first of its kind a professional Tabletop Industry Space, in the UK, maybe in the world – giving fledgeling tabletop games designers and industry students a real stepping stone and insights through a range of contacts into the tabletop industries you aspire to join with links to seminars, hardware, and insider knowledge to help you on your way to getting a job or starting your own games business. What we offer is a space that offers hardware, security, flexibility and adaptability. There are some benefits to a separate workspace. Psychologically it’s good as its giving you that feeling of “I’m going to work now. I’m at work. I’m definitely at work. I’m not at home. I have to work” Also professionally it makes it easier if you’re having studio visits. You might not necessarily have to invite somebody into your home or a cafe in order to show them your work. Increasingly, indie board game publishers are finding shelf space here in the UK, while being part of a booming sector that accounted for over $9bn in global sales last year and a massive 23% growth here in the UK market. Smaller companies and distributors are also recognising the potential gains to be made by introducing existing gamers and new to the plethora of titles to already dominate the world market into their game design offerings. It’s your time.

According to recent figures, the amount generated by Kickstarter’s database of successfully funded board game projects exceeded $72m in the first half of last year. That’s seven times the amount generated by its former leading sector, video games. A sector already covered by places like Confetti

Our collective vision is to make ProjectTHISNG the place to be for creatives, new businesses and gaming; by supporting:

A safe creative place morphing a dynamic talent into confidence and self-gains.

Exciting place to live, safe working space and games played.

Developing and attracting and skilled and diverse talent, to create webs of connectivity within the Tabletop industry.

So the independent board game publishing scene is awash with more talent than ever before, and importantly it’s amateur led. Yet more so than that, the sector is equally complemented with a global community of fans ready and willing to invest both time and money into it.

“The very best part of the tabletop industry is the awareness of board and tabletop games are not yet saturated, We can continue to see this in the growth of sales, the rapid rising attendance at conventions and games shows the aggressive the emergence of Kickstarter’s and the new Board Game Cafes and clubs. like Dice Cup, Ludorati, Nottingham Board and Wargames Club, Hobbyspotz

If there’s one thing to highlight about the rise and rise of the board game market, it’s community; between players, publishers, investors and more.