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ProjectTHISNG provides an a full equality outlook and policies with an emphasis on equality and accessibility Convention/Expo Attendees experience to all of our customers, including persons requiring partial or full Main. ProjectTHISNG are committed to giving people who require Main the same opportunity to access all of our goods and services and allowing them to benefit from the same services in the same place and in a similar way to all our Convention/Expo Attendees. Below we have outlined the ProjectTHISNG Accessibility Policy, please submit a request with any questions and queries.

Where do I go to enter the event?

ProjectTHISNG always aims to provide a convention/Expo space that is accessible for everyone. If you have any accessibility requirements or restrictions, please go to or have a represetative either go to or contact us at the Main Desk in the ticketing or entrance hall to buy a ticket or redeem one bought in advance.

The Main Desk also provides a dedicated queue space for those requiring special assistance or mobility requirements.

How do I get a Medical Stickers/Armbands/Wristband?

Please go to the Main Desk at the show and one of our staff will be happy to help.

Note the Medical Sticker does not provide free or early admission; you must have a valid ticket. A Medical Stickers/Armbands/Wristband does not guarantee seating or priority access to any areas of the show. What about Medical Companions? If you need or have one see below.

Who should have a Medical Stickers/Armbands/Wristband?

ProjectTHISNG provides Medical Stickers/Armbands/Wristbands to individuals who identify as having accessibility needs.

This Medical Stickers/Armbands/Wristbands identifies you to Staff, Crew and Security and indicates that you may need additional assistance.

Medical companions?

Convention/Expo Attendees who are registered with a disability and need to have a medical companion with them may request a single complimentary admission pass for their chosen service person. The medical companion will receive a ‘General Admission Medical Companion Single Day Pass’ and will be granted access to the same areas of the show as the Convention/Expo Attendee’s requiring assistance.

For Example

  1. If a Convention/Expo Attendee purchases a VIP Pass, their companion will receive a complimentary single day pass and will be given access to all VIP areas, lines and lounges etc. to aid the Convention/Expo Attendees who requires their assistance.

  2. Medical companions are required to stay with and assist the patron with disabilities.

  3. The medical companion is not entitled to any merchandise benefits, “line-jumps” or exclusive benefits, nor free bags or convention gift bags (if you want this type of thing you may purchase a second ticket for the medical companion.


The ‘General Admission Medical Companion Single Day Pass’ must be collected from the Main Desk on the same day it is to be used. Please note that if the attendee is planning on attending an event which ProjectTHISNG is operating over several days, the companion must retrieve their ‘General Admission Medical Companion Single Day Pass’ each day individually from the Main Desk with the person they are accompanying.


ProjectTHISNG’s Specially Ticketed Events are regarded as independent events and the policies vary from show to show. Please contact Customer Service with your request in advance if you’d like to inquire about the policy on a particular Specially Ticketed Event you’d like to attend and require a medical companion for. Your request will then be reviewed by a Manager, and we will notify you of our ability to accommodate your needs.

Is there a Quiet space available for those with Mental Health needs?

ProjectTHISNG understands that people often suffer many varieties and often unseen disabilities. Understanding this we aim to look to always trying to provide space where people can just sit and take some time away from the  hustle and bustle of the event.

Is there accessibility seating in Panels and Screenings?

We aim to provide accessible seating, as available. We are sometimes beholden to the site/venue and available facilities. Please be aware that all seating for Panels and Screenings are on a first-come, first-served basis and we cannot guarantee seating for everyone. Convention/Expo Attendees who require accessible seating should plan to arrive to a Panel at least 15 minutes prior to the documented event.(If you require something specific then please do email us.)


Please keep in mind that all our events can be very popular and seating may not be available if you wait until the very last minute to get to the room. Please read the Program and/or Timetable and plan your day accordingly being sure to leave additional time for lines.

What about Autographing, Guest Visitors and Photo Ops?

ProjectTHISNG unfortunately cannot allow priority access to areas like signings at the Convention/Expo Attendees. Guests often sign for limited amounts of time and to be fair for all attendees and operating a equality policy, we cannot allow a Convention/Expo Attendees to bypass any autographing lines – unless you have purchased a VIP Pass.


If you have mobility issues and cannot stand then we recommend arranging to have someone within your group wait in line for you. When your spot reaches the front of the line, you may rejoin for your signing/autograph.

Is the ProjectTHISNG Convention, Expo Site fully accessible?

Is there accessibility parking available on-site?

ProjectTHISNG always aims to provide a convention/Expo space that is accessible for everyone. Under UK law ou Convention/Expo Sites should be fully accessible and our show maps have relevant locations marked. There will be on-site accessibility parking. To plan ahead, go onto our website where the event will be hosted to see where their accessibility parking lots are located.

I am hearing impaired – do you provide an Sign Language interpreter?

ProjectTHISNG can accommodate requests up to a month before the event for Panels and Talks in our main theatres. Because of demands for Sign Language interpreters, we cannot guarantee to accommodate your request after that time. On-site requests for interpreters cannot be facilitated. (however we often aim to provide online recordings which have subtitles.)

If you would like to request an interpreter, please contact us with your personal information (Name and preferred email) and we will be in touch to arrange an ideal schedule or facilities that offer room available facilities..


Is there anywhere I can rent a wheelchair, walker or cane?

ProjectTHISNG does not provide or rent special equipment. If you require such services, please check with the Convention event site directly or acquire one independently prior to the event.

Are service animals permitted inside the show?

All Guide dogs and service animals are welcome at our shows, provided they are leashed or under similar control as appropriate. Attendees with service animals on-site at the event assume total and complete legal and moral responsibility for their animal for the duration of their time at the event.

For any questions and enquires, please contact us.


Accessibility-Policy pdf

Accessibility-Policy PDF