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Hi my names is Gary, Gary Powell and I run an organisation called Project THIS NG where this stands for Tabletop Hub Incubator Space….. And the NG for Nottingham its home.


As in the name there are multiple sides to the project; the tabletop hub is aimed at the local gaming community and helping them to be gamers and players where we can help them find our partners like the Nottingham Board & Wargames Club, HobbySpotz , Minifactorum, or other gamers looking for particular players, and the Incubator Space where we can offer the huge potential of Games Designers and affiliated tabletop games, artisans, a place to start/grow and expand their business in the city of Nottingham.

Nottingham is renowned internationally as an amazing power in tabletop gaming with its legendary ‘Lead Belt’ of wargaming and miniature tabletop games manufacturers eg Games Workshop. Building on this reputation is the basis of Project THIS NG allowing for facilities for budding games developers to have a place where they can playtest their projects in an environment that is both secure and facilitated with video recording and prototyping facilities.

We also have a very active community of players across all the genres of tabletop gaming in Nottingham and despite the concentration, there isn’t always the right type of space or venue that they want to run their games in or pursue the hobbying aspect. Some have particular needs that only a private space would fulfil and the Project THIS NG location fulfils that.


Some examples of how Project THIS NG’s Gaming space can suit you better.


  • You can book the private use of the venue with us.
  • Creative Quarter Postal address. Inc, Suite, Room, Postbox.
  • Tabletop orientated business space.
  • Not restricted in the use of a particular company’s games or miniatures or the state of them. It’s your hobby do it your way.
  • Community ties with the industry and local gaming businesses.
  • Community ties with the other useful industries, businesses and worldwide communities.
  • Community ties with tabletop industries, persons and skill sets of the gaming businesses and worldwide communities.
  • Assistance and development of Conventions, Project Management and Expo’s within the gaming community.
  • A way to monetise your hobby if you wish by ‘Youtubing etc.’ Producing your own games/minis/accessories and retailing them through our partner HobbySpotz, store and Hobby Space with the venue, miniature painting services or running your own events.


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